Dear faithful readers,

Just in time for the Easter holiday, we are sending you along the Easter Edition of The SCOPE so you can keep your chops up over the break and come back energized with your batteries recharged!

Returning columnist Faye Johnson has blessed us with yet another wonderful story, this time, getting you into the Easter spirit. So parents, be sure to share the story and activities with your children and make it fun for the whole family!

In this issue I have written an article for those who are going to be taking the Cambridge exams within a couple of months. The article explores some other uncommon tips and tricks that will help you «hack» the exam and perform at your highest level. Be sure to check it out and internalize it and putting it into practice so that you can ace your test!

Also, be sure to check out the fliers for our upcoming Football (Soccer) and General English Summer Camps! Don´t miss out on the summer fun and be sure to check with the front desk for more information either by phone at 916 03 02 03 or by email at!

As always we hope you enjoy this month´s Easter Edition of The SCOPE!

«Hoppy» reading!

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