Learning spanish | SC Language


Learning with the best teachers, visiting lovely places and meeting great people.

Main objectives:

  • Develop communication and reading comprehension skills of each student.
  • Build up  students´ confidence, fluency, and accuracy in the use of Spanish.

We help students to:

  • Present their ideas clearly and concisely.
  • Communicate with self- assurance.
  • Effective use of the telephone

Characteristics of the program / Course description

  • Throughout the week each student will practice, learn and improve their Spanish through classes, real-life conversations with native speakers, and role-plays with the teachers.
  • Students will use Spanish during the entire day, from 9:00 am at breakfast until after dinner. Students will be using the language in class as well as throughout meals and other social activities.
  • We supervise the whole teaching process, starting on Monday morning at 10:00 am (which is the official starting time) until the last activity on Friday.
  • Throughout the course students” live in Spanish” to the extent of eliminating psychological barriers and at the same time acquiring the ability to understand without having to translate. At the end of the course, students will end up “thinking in Spanish”.


  • Our courses are tailor-made and adapted to the needs of each student or group of students.
  • In order to meet our students´ requirements we analyse each student´s needs during the first session of the programme.
  • All materials and contents of the course are thoroughly prepared and always subject to the students´ interests, needs and objectives. Thus, we make sure that each course meets our students´ expectations.
  • In the programming of each course we take in to account the criteria of the teachers who run in company classes, to assure all the priorities.

Teachers and supporting Spanish speakers

    • All the teachers who run our courses are highly qualified native speakers with broad experience in teaching Spanish. In addition, our teachers present great communication skills and ability to empathize with students.
    • Our methodology is based on language in use and is developed through group and one to one classes.