Hi everyone!

We´re pleased to announce our first ever podcast episode complete with a pdf so that you can follow along as you listen. (Podcast transcript pdf download): SC Shot Cast – Episode 1 Looking on the Bright Side – April 2020

Also, as all of you know me, I am always drilling into your brains that one of the most important things when learning a language is synonyms.

Well, I have provided you all with a complete list of all of the expressions, idioms, and sayings, all of their synonyms and definitions, as well as their translations!

Apart from all of that, I have also provided you with our «Food For Thought» section where you can either use the discussion questions as either a writing or speaking exercise, or even both! Remember the podcast is for you, the parents so don´t be shy to practice your English a little bit, now´s the perfect time!

Also be sure to check out our new social media posts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or even Linkedin. For the little ones, I have created a rap song just for them so that they can watch a fun video, sing along, and learn English at the same time. I hope you like it!:


Stay tuned for more, videos, posts, new editions of The SCOPE and podcast episodes in the near future. We hope to hear from you and see you soon, and don´t be shy to tell us what you think because we love constructive feedback so that we can make better content just for you!


Take care and stay safe!


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