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Meet your teacher, Russell / Je vous présente Russell

Russell Franz Tchiendjui, both English & French Teacher.

Six  years of ESL teaching experience at SC Language

TEFL Certified instructor

Cambridge Assestment English and International Education


Russell offers the following Shot Courses: 

  • Creative Writing in French
  • CV / Résumé design & composition in French

Russell Franz Djoumbissie, prof de français et d´anglais.

Six ans expérience à SC Language

Diplômé au TEFL Anglais

Évaluation en anglais du Cambridge et éducation international


Russell offre les cours suivants:

  • Rédaction créative en français
  • Entretien d´embauche en français
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Meet your teacher, Frank Taylor

Our Senior teacher-in-charge of exam preparation with over 25 years of teaching experience all over the world, 10 years at SC Language, and numerous titles and certifications such as a Master´s Degree in Education, an Associate´s Degree in Special Education, Cambridge International Certificate in bilingual education, CELTA, ELL, ESL, TESOL, TEFL, & NABE. Frank Taylor offers the following Shot Courses:

  • Passing the Cambridge Exams with flying colors
  • TOEFL & TOEIC Excellence
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Meet your teacher, Charles

Our Senior In-Company Coordinator with over 12 years of teaching experience at SC Language, Charles has worked with high Executive Managers at many different multinational companies as well as possessing great expertise in general and social English. Charles offers the following Shot Courses:

  • General English
  • Dominating the elusive Phrasal Verbs
  • Achieving a wide grammar & vocabulary range
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Meet your teacher, Frank JR Leonardi

With a total of 29 years of ESL teaching experience and 7 years at SC Language, CELTA Certified Senior teacher, Frank JR Leonardi, has worked with organizations all over the world as a director, advisor, consultant, coordinator, and instructor with great enthusiasm in the promotion of bilingualism with a specialization in Business English. Frank JR.Leonardi offers the following Shot Courses:

  • General Business English
  • Effective business presentations, meetings, and email writing in English
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Meet your teacher, Tom

Graduated in Environmental Earth Science, and with a Master’s degree in Geophysical Hazards, Tom discovered his passion for photography was unavoidable in 2009 while studying tsunami in the Caribbean. Since then, unable to part with a camera, he has come to Spain to learn Spanish and broaden his horizons, and has slowly built side-by-side TEFL teaching and documentary photography expertise. With over 10 years of teaching experience in total and nearly 10 years with SC Language, teaching everyone from private school kindergarten to big business managers, and published in SportLife, Hola Living, and Vogue, among others, your TEFL Certified instructor, Tom offers the following Shot Courses:

  • Photography in English
  • Introduction to Photoshop in English
  • Introduction to Lightroom in English
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